My name is Dr. Dorina Cheles, and I am an expert in ophthalmology, retinal diseases and intraocular injections, and the owner of a private clinic in aesthetic medicine.

I currently hold several positions in the health system in Israel, and serve, among other things, as a senior specialist ophthalmologist in the ophthalmology unit of the Poriya Medical Center, and as a retina and intraocular injection specialist. I am also in charge of the intraocular injection clinic of the Poriya Medical Center, which I founded in 2012. Apart from that, I conduct researches, publish articles in the international scientific press, lecture and present my researches at conferences and training courses in Israel and abroad.

As an ophthalmologist who is an expert in the retina field, the principles of precision and safety are always in my mind, since professional and safety procedures are essential in the field of aesthetics just like in the field of intraocular injections. In facial aesthetic medicin treatments, my main goal is to upgrade and improve the appearance of the face and problematic areas, and reducing the rate of complications to zero. I believe that the combination of my professional knowledge and experience, and the wishes of the patient, is what brings the best result and the highest satisfaction.

I believe that aesthetic treatments are intended to preserve the natural appearance of the face, while improving the external appearance and obtaining a younger and fresher look. I see great importance in the full participation of the patient, starting with our first introductory meeting and all the way through the therapeutic process on its various stages. This is in order to bring about the desired results and tailored a personalized plan with a choice of the correct and best therapeutic approach, which meets your needs and preserves your health. 

I always use the best quality products, from the leading manufacturers in the world of aesthetics, in order to achieve accurate and natural results.